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Blended learning consultingtype: pdf | size: 2 MB

Blended learning support and organizational analysis tools.

Skillmappingtype: pdf | size: 291 kB

An integral part of Academy in-a-Box, the Skillmapping set of assessment instruments is a 4-point diamond, one for each of the areas that guide and determine human action within organisations.

Netmappingtype: pdf | size: 540 kB

The objective of Netmapping is to point out the real flow of information within organizations to assess the operational efficiency or inefficiency of individuals.

Learning Analyticstype: pdf | size: 521 kB

Learning Analytics is a powerful methodology that enables guidance and control of the organizational training processes. Learning experts and methodologists support organizations by designing of planning and timing frameworks, check-lists and tools for training support, and by offering a methodological mentorship.

Competency Assessmenttype: pdf | size: 506 kB

Web assessment tools which enables organizations to know skills and motivation of their employees and to plan management and training interventions coherently with company needs and individual capabilities.

AMS - Learning academytype: pdf | size: 2 MB

AMS incorporates the most sophisticated instruments for management of training paths, questionnaires and collaborative tools for personnel competencies mapping. Specific organization and logistical services for business training support these tools.

Educa Berlin white papertype: pdf | size: 318 kB

Solutions and web-based training methods for highlevel management presented by dteam during the Online Educa Berlin global e-learning conference.

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