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Integrated learning

oviettivi intervento formazione integrata



dTeam supports Sponsors and Owners (managers) of the integrated learning projects, facilitating coordination and harmonization inside specific business contexts. The integrated learning is one of the best answers to organizational change. Fast and flexible, enables forming professional skills just when and where needed and keep them updated. Successful use requires the application of different methods, tools and skills, specific for every stage. 

Organizing the learning path
  • Designing continuum – online training requires coordination of all the resources involved
  • Realization of materials ad hoc – the users requirements may change along the learning process
  • Using different inputs – by exploiting the full multimedia potential
  • Choice of tutorship "model" – not just to classify, on the contrary, to meet the customer learning needs which are specific for every training environment 


Controlling the learning
  • Collaborative learning - synchrony and interaction between students and teachers
  • Rhythm regulated flexibility – the online learning advantage is the almost total lack of logistical constraints, while the learning process keeps to be controlled
  • ”Learning by doing” approach - the focus is both on contents and on how the contents are managed

  • Continuous feedback - following the evolution of individual and group learning "situations" 
  • Constant monitoring  - evaluation of communication, technology and didactic efficiency 




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