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Organizational check-ups


Check up organizzativo gestione dello sviluppo e del cambiamento Objectives

Support organisations in periods of decision-making and fundamental change, for development through specific consultancy interventions.


Organisational check-up

The organisational check - up is a complete analysis of the company’s features, qualities, “state of health”  and development potential at a given moment in time. It may concern the entire company, a single sector or a single problem area.  The dTeam methodology involves a three-phase intervention:
  • questionnaire and processing of results
  • in-depth analysis enabling the measurement of the phenomenon and its organisational implications
  • verification on the field for precise interventions capable of enhancing organisational efficacy/efficiency and resolving problem issues.


Multi-year Strategic Plans

Everyday operation may obscure a clear and constant vision of overall objectives and may lead to poor referencing in decisions that may turn out to be contradictory and inefficacious.

The multi-year strategic plan is an orientation instrument that permits the stimulation and monitoring of company development, providing that it is:
  • Participative
  • Shared
  • Updated annually to maintain conformity with market developments
dTeam experience recommends the priming of streamlined documents that adhere closely to the company situation and its target market.

New company functions

Companies increasing in size and turnover need to enhance efficacy and efficiency, and must strengthen protection of crucial nerve points through the introduction of new company functions. 
Critical areas Added value of the new company function
Market An operating marketing function can support improved knowledge and market penetration
human resources The transition from traditional to active management can improve the professionalism, efficacy and motivation of the human factor.
Programming, control and cost reduction Continuous monitoring, raised awareness of cost centres and specific cost reduction actions help keep efficiency levels high.

Individualizing the neuralgic points and implementing the necessary functions means to consolidate and to strengthen the growth.

Organisational overhaul of sales network and adoption of new models

When Sales Network results do not seem consistent with the development of the market and the organisation’s market share drops, what is often needed is a structural and organisational overhaul of the sales activity. 

Improvement of company results in anticipation of handovers

Improvement of company results in anticipation of handovers

Family-run firms know the critical points at which it becomes necessary to conduct a management handover to the next generation.

This delicate period must be planned well in advance, with the identification of the persons appointed to take the reins, their training for the role and their gradual integration into the key points of the company organisation.

Our methodology is based not only on the "heirs" training, but also on the outgoing generation experiencetransfer and valorisation, and on creation of knowledge management systems aimed to share and diffuse the best organizational practices and experiences.

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