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Learning ROI & Analytics: counselling to Learning projects deployment

dTeam follows your company during all the stages of learning projects deployment, from professional goals development to training evaluation:


Our learning experts and methodologists will support you by designing of planning and timing frameworks, check-lists and tools for training support, and by offering a methodological mentorship aimed to the best accomplishment of the different steps of the project.


  • Check-list for all the steps of the whole process
  • Models and templates for project and training delivery
  • Time and project charts
  • Methodological forms and manuals
  • Context analysis
  • Set-up of pre-assessment and feedback questionnaires
  • Permanent coaching to the project team
  • Settlement of learning KPIs
  • Build-up of an analytic dashboard to estimate training effectiveness and elearning ROI

Check list and templates

dTeam provides templates expressly created to support planning and information collecting&control. Easy to read and fill-in, these templates support each stage of the training process, from design to evaluation of the elearning ROI.
Flow charts and timing

  • Time setting and specification of bonds between different activities
  • Pointing out of the owner of each phase
  • Graphical representation of the project's steps
Methodological forms and manuals

Delivery of customized manuals focused on the use of collaborative tools (forum, virtual classroom, Wiki...), on reports, monitoring and evaluation data analysis.
Context analysis - Assessment tests set-up - Process Mentorship

  • Pointing out of threats, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in the training project. Comparison with the established goals
  • Knowledge pre-assessments to setup the training goals and the GAP analysis
  • Methodological support from the agreed training target to training evaluation
Set-up of Learning KPIs and analytic dashboard



  • Analysis and evaluation of users' satisfaction and learning
  • Questionnaires/tests delivery and data collecting
  • Screening of average and total learning time, learning time related to single items and course completion time
  • Organization of KPIs analysis results into graphical dashboards and control panels for ROI evaluation
Depending on your needs, you may receive an offer of services segmented into three different consulting levels: from design of a single course to design of a complex service as a corporate training Academy.


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