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Skillmapping: 360° online assessment

An integral part of Academy in-a-Box, the Skillmapping set of assessment instruments is a 4-point diamond, one for each of the areas that guide and determine human action within organisations.

Motivation and skills constitute the basis of every activity; the styles of negotiation and communication determine their effectiveness in relation to internal and external stakeholders.

Skillmapping is: 
  • an instant snapshot for every area investigated
  • an online kit that can be used by an unlimited number of users
  • an instrument for comparison at organisational level
  • a stimulus for possible areas of intervention

Motivating requirements


The test enables improvement to be made to the effectiveness of company communication, indicating which levers are most suited to promoting organisational development and professional self realisation.

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Leadership style




The test measures the frequency and effectiveness of the style of leadership adopted in a managerial role, in relation to co-workers and to the type of objective, so that it may be used in a more aware manner.


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Dominant communication




The test identifies the dominant communication style and its effectiveness in relation to the situation and the interlocutor. It thus enables a person to harmonise with the style of others and persuade through empathetic behaviour.


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Negotiation approach



This test investigates the predominant styles of negotiation, highlighting the pros and cons of attitudes adopted towards interlocutors.

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