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Foundation of marketing for middle management

The course is aimed at recently appointed product and brand managers and at commercial directors with joint sales and marketing responsibility. It develops capacity for correct product planning, the use of the most suitable marketing instruments in each phase of the product lifespan, improves the efficiency of the role of coordination and of creativity. It leads to improved capacity for management of relations with other key functions of the company.

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Advanced negotiation

Always be ready to negotiate, but don’t negotiate if you aren’t ready. The course is tailored for managers and department heads, professionals and project managers. It develops knowledge and skills in negotiation and allows for the individual construction of strategies for successful negotiations.

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Junior Management Assistant

This course is a guide to the role, tasks and responsibilities of a junior assistant. It deals with written and phone communication, managing priorities, organising trips and archiving data using effective classification systems. It also develops relational capacities with colleagues and one’s own superior.

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Quality control manager  

This course is for quality assurance managers, heads of quality control and specialist production technicians. It enables the efficient planning and operation of internal organisation of quality control and the development of productive relations with senior management and internal clients in the company. It boosts capacity to motivate QC staff and capacity for rational dashboard organisation.

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Organisational analysis methods and instruments

The course provides methodologies, techniques and instruments for conducting organisational operations and for successfully managing the change. From creation of a workgroup, to gathering data and cost estimates, to analysis of structures, units, timeframes, procedures and processes, right up to evaluation of results, to capitalisation of knowledge with systems of knowledge management.

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Senior management assistant

The course is aimed at senior assistants who wish to develop their own leadership role and win the trust and esteem of their director. It allows the user to pinpoint the director's management style and personality type, in order to exploit synergies, positively manage differences and be able to obtain and give information.

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People management

The course is aimed at all intermediate managers and deals with risk and conflict, knowledge of performance enhancement instruments, team motivation, and the key skills of a manager: planning, organisation, communication, control and delegation.

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Sales Assistant

The course is for commercial assistants, internal sellers and client services staff, who are the real heart of the commercial team. It helps develop relational, organisational and managerial capacities, knowledge of sales techniques and the skills needed for managing difficult and delicate situations.

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Commercial negotiation

Awareness of psychological aspects of sales, mastery of communication instruments, dialogue and management of objections, ability to use the right arguments and price presentation techniques – all this means being able to win and retain client loyalty. The course also enables the development of capacities for marketing and market/competition analysis. It is targeted at sellers, representatives and agents.

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